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Conversion led design & development

Clydewire is an elegant combination of creative agency, hosting company and software house, all driven by a central premise – to help our clients get and convert more leads.

We recognise every business is fed by leads, driven by people, brands and process and scaled through automation and technical solutions. That’s why we have developed a collaborative culture that allows us to ensure every element of our work is laser focussed on this central premise and why we enjoy long-standing relationships with our diverse range of clients.

We are as proud of the work we do with our local SME customers as we are of the services we provide to a growing roster of blue chip and international clients. Size simply doesn’t matter to Clydewire, we use our global experience to help all our clients grow and improve their businesses.




Clydewire is a commercial business but we believe success is only achieved by building strong relationships with our clients and a collaborative dynamic between our team and yours.


From the core to the shell we commit all the time necessary to ensure the work we produce for your business is always of the very highest quality.


Form and function get equal billing at Clydewire, but it’s building the structures and strategies that drive conversions and sales that really excite us.

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Our Culture

What makes a Clydewire team member? We recognise everyone is different but there are a few common qualities we think help Clydewire stand out from the crowd:

High Performance

We all strive to do great work. Not because we enjoy an awards dinner, but because there’s nothing more satisfying than a pat on the back from a valued client.

Team Players

Quite simply, we couldn’t do what we do without the team around us. So we embrace it and create better solutions on the back of a deeply collaborative approach.

No Egos

There’s no space for ego here. Everyone brings something unique and valuable to the party and sharing that knowledge makes us better than the sum of our parts.

The Clydewire Team

JOHN LOUDON, Commercial Director

As Commercial Director, John drives the strategic vision of Clydewire and is responsible for translating your objectives into reality. He has the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients and is supported by an amazing team who place people over profit and quality over quantity. John loves developing relationships, solutions and partnerships that help meet client needs across multiple platforms in the UK, Europe, and America.

LENNART HANSEN, Technical Director

Lennart heads up the creation of our industry leading technical team and has a hand in all aspects of the development process including analysis, architecture, development, testing and management. With a strong background in AWS technology and supporting enterprise clients, he is responsible for maintaining the systems and services for the operations our clients rely on.


Creativity oozes from every pore in their bodies. Their ability to combine flair with commercial awareness gives top billing to both style and substance and helps to create high performing solutions for our diverse range of clients.

Our designers, Dan Burgess and Amy Scott are responsible for bringing the visual elements of Clydewire’s work to life while Craig Alexander focuses on how to communicate effectively with all client audiences through the written word. Gillian McGlynn keeps the entire ship afloat with Jedi-like organisational skills and an ability to multitask few others can match.

Development & Support Team

This is the engine room. It’s where the brilliance of the designers and eloquence of the content creators really come alive and where our friendly team of experts solve our clients’ problems if and when required.

Our talented developers, David Nemeth and Jakub Czaja, work closely with our growing team of support experts – Pete Roman, John Kennedy and Niki Vasilev – to ensure the products they create are robust, problems are quickly understood or diagnosed and solutions are planned and executed efficiently.