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Another String to Our Bow

Another String to Our Bow

Another String to Our Bow

When Loudon Design & My Server Guy joined forces to form Clydewire, the collective ambition was much more than just leveraging the synergies their union would create.

Of course, a consolidated, or ‘full stack’ proposition is very attractive because a one stop shop offering a wide range of consistently high quality services creates very useful administrative and management efficiencies. 

However, this doesn’t mean there’s no need for complementary off-the-shelf products.

Clydewire is aiming to change things up with a range of proprietary products designed to help clients maximise the clear business benefits of the other services we offer.

Continuity Is The Key

When a business owner has tight control of their operation and is confident their systems are robust enough to withstand the pressures of day to day trading and the peaks and troughs associated with their sector, they are in a great position to invest in their growth strategy.

That’s why we have launched Clydewire OnCall™ – a sophisticated system monitoring and support service our clients rely on to proactively identify issues and assign them to the appropriate expert to enable a fast, efficient solution.

Clydewire OnCall™ gives clients peace of mind. It helps facilitate growth by ensuring business continuity and allows the company’s commercial team to focus all their efforts on the revenue generation activities of the business.


How Does It Work?

Clydewire OnCall™ is always on. 24 hrs a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the system is mitigating risk for clients by automatically tracking issues and facilitating solutions before they have a negative impact on the business. Once an issue has been identified, Clydewire’s N+1 redundancy structure means that even when the lead engineer is unavailable, each managed system has an independent back-up engineer with the required experience and expertise to solve the problem.

What’s next in the Clydewire Product Pipeline?

The Clydewire team loves to innovate, particularly when their innovations lead to the creation of meaningful business efficiencies. 2020 will see the release of Clydewire’s cutting-edge site deployment software. The name is still to be revealed – check back here for more on that soon – but the feature-rich system has the potential to dramatically increase opportunities for our clients to scale operations, improve revenues and increase profitability.

How can you Learn More?

We will be inviting clients and prospects to a series of breakfast workshops later in the year. These short, informal meetings will give delegates some insight into how the new site deployment system can help transform their businesses as well as being the best place to find out more about Clydewire OnCall™ and its numerous benefits. To register your interest in Clydewire Breakfast Workshops, send an email to info@clydewire.com with your name, the name of your organisation and a contact number and we’ll be in touch.

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