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Leading from the Front with Teleta Pharmacy

Leading from the Front with Teleta Pharmacy

Leading from the Front with Teleta Pharmacy

As the digital transformation of pharmacy gathers pace, there are businesses going above and beyond to make life easy for their clients. Our client, Teleta, is leading the field with their online offering, set to only get stronger with the addition of some exciting bespoke functionality.

We spoke to John Heenan, Head of Commercial at Teleta, to understand more about how the market – believed by some to be around a decade behind the digital transformation curve – is adapting and how innovations like Clydewire’s digital prescription solution will help accelerate the adoption and deployment of more digital resources in the pharmacy sector.

It’s clear that the current health crisis has put the need to have a robust online proposition into sharp focus, but the overwhelming range of ‘one size fits all’ solutions can make the investment decision a difficult one. However, when business is negatively impacted in such dramatic fashion, a quick or temporary fix is often the default route.

Fortunately, the team at Teleta had the foresight to start the process of creating a bespoke system before the pandemic forced others to consider their options. John Heenan described the technology as a ‘game changer’ that would dramatically reduce the pressure on internal administrative resources, increase efficiency and make processes more repeatable and secure.

In a highly regulated sector, online interactions are heavily scrutinized. Pharmacy is no different, particularly when prescription only medicines (POM) are concerned.

Teleta is launching its new site for their aesthetics and cosmetics business where POM products like Bocouture, Azzalure, Allergan Botox will be available alongside ‘over-the-counter’ products. By providing customers with additional convenience and the flexibility to purchase POMs using a system that digitally links customers and registered prescribers, Teleta aims to take at least 50% of their pharmacy business online over the course of the next 12 months.

Importantly for the customer, the ordering process remains beautifully simple and while Clydewire’s solution uses some basic logic – digital signatures instead of originals for example – the process behind the scenes requires multiple checks and balances to ensure the POMs are properly prescribed to registered practitioners.

Clydewire took a collegiate approach to building the Teleta site, first taking time to understand the business and its short, medium and long term goals before examining the existing POM processes and regulations in detail. This allowed Clydewire’s in-house experts to design the ideal online solution before approaching the appropriate regulators with the concept and working to refine the system to create a solution that satisfied all parties.

At Clydewire we are excited by the opportunities presenting themselves in the Pharmacy sector and feel very proud of the innovations developed with Teleta. We firmly believe pharmacy is perfectly placed to take advantage of fast-moving technologies and consumers’ growing digital confidence and are actively engaging with businesses in the sector to develop robust online propositions.

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Now is the time for companies to get their digital transformation underway and make sure they are ready to capitalise on Ecommerce opportunities, while also making strong efforts to gain and maintain trust from customers. At Clydewire we work with clients to help them achieve their goals by leveraging our in house commercial expertise and ability to build bespoke solutions. Contact us at 0141 308 1029 or send an email to info@clydewire.com.

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