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About Coneworx

Coneworx is the trusted Traffic Management partner for a wide range of clients, from local authorities and event organisers to utility companies and civil engineering organisations. They have built their reputation for excellence on a safety first policy as well as on the solid foundations of a highly trained team of professionals and a firm commitment to investing in technology that streamlines processes and improves transparency.

Why did they choose us?

The original development team no longer had the resources to ensure the system kept pace with expanding operations. It was important to have a team in place that could hit the ground running and Coneworx chose Clydewire due to our extensive PHP experience. Our ability to immediately de-risk the system and provide bespoke monitoring (via Clydewire OnCall™) and development services allowed the Coneworx team to focus on operations and leveraging business development opportunities.

Technical Audit

The first step in our carefully structured process was to look, in detail, at the foundations of the system to determine how robust the code was and how it could continue to be adapted to manage process and create business efficiencies for Coneworx. This was critical to knowing how to safely move to a more suitable hosting solution, de-risking the application and streamlining maintenance procedures going forward.

Hosting Architecture

The Coneworx site was held on an on-premise shared server, however, a more robust solution was required. A dedicated cloud server solution was recommended on the basis of security, redundancy and, critically, high availability. This ensures 24/7 uptime allowing the Coneworx leadership team to focus on growing the business and their operatives, who access all job information via PDAs, to maximise productivity.


The next step was to examine the weaknesses and code that presented the biggest risk to the business. By analysing how this code interacts with the system as a whole, our team was able to write patches that stabilized the code and improved system durability.

Infrastructure Migration

The Coneworx system was hosted on a shared server. This was a high risk approach for a system so vital for the efficient running of the business. Clydewire migrated the entire infrastructure to an upgraded cloud based solution with high availability - a minimum requirement for a complex system with so many business critical functions and features.


Clydewire and Coneworx agreed 80 hours a month support contract. This contract provides Coneworx with access to all the skills in the Clydewire team but is focussed primarily on system development and ongoing risk mitigation.


This proactive early warning system is designed to help our clients to maximise productivity. Issues are flagged and immediately fixed or escalated depending on the seriousness of the problem. Mitigating risk and dealing with issues before they become a problem directly impacting the business is a key differentiator for Clydewire.

“The site is looking incredible, absolutely love it!”

Tom Hutchison, Marketing Director, Riverside Music College

Coneworx Website Design

The new Coneworx website is a responsive design that elevates the Coneworx proposition above the competition. It was designed to be a dynamic presence and to clearly illustrate the range of Coneworx’ services, the values that have enabled their growth and the success stories that are the foundation for further expansion.