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About Fosters Funeral Directors

Fosters is Scotland’s fastest growing funeral directors with parlours throughout the central belt of Scotland. Since 2005 they have been offering bereaved families the utmost in professional service and support and are committed to providing quality personal care as they continue to expand.


Clydewire took a detailed look at the Fosters business in order to develop a very clear understanding of the organisation and the architecture required to ensure they could continue to scale while maintaining their focus on quality service provision. By identifying Fosters unique set of challenges the Clydewire team was able to design a robust, cost effective solution.

Hosting Architecture

Fosters required a new cloud hosting solution capable of handling significant increased traffic and more efficient management of their back office system. Clydewire devised a solution using AWS technology to hold the four business websites and the back office system. It is built with high availability and autoscaling and de-risked through robust back-up processes and levels of staging outwith the server.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Playground

Clydewire set up an AWS Playground server to safely (without affecting the main server) conduct tests and new features. This provides the team with a safe environment in which to test ideas and implement only when satisfied they can improve the system.
Fosters Funerals

“Since moving our platform over to Clydewire we have seen a real boost in performance.”

Gordon Bain, Fosters Funerals, Marketing Director

Clydewire OnCall™

CLYDEWIRE OnCall™ is our dedicated 24 hour, 7 days a week service monitoring and support service for hosting clients, based around the concept of prevention being better than cure. The proactive early warning system immediately flags issues that may impact on Fosters’ business critical processes and escalates the issue where necessary to facilitate an efficient solution.