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Teleta provides customers with a comprehensive range of high quality aesthetic products. The team wanted to further improve their commitment to streamlining process for customers by creating an end-to-end online system that included a completely digital prescription handling service. Teleta needed a partner that could build reliable and secure bespoke systems and decided the combination of expertise and experience at Clydewire was the perfect fit for their project.

The Future of Pharmacy

The future of pharmacy was always going to be online, but due to the strict regulatory frameworks in place, taking the entire process online has been problematic. Clydewire devised a system that could make the entire process digital, including prescriptions, streamlining the process and removing restrictive offline practices that were a barrier to business growth.

Highly Custom WordPress

Clydewire’s developers had to build bespoke features to allow the system to work as imagined. There were no off-the-shelf plugins to do the very particular jobs the Teleta team required, so our experts built a unique set of tools by building bespoke WordPress plugins designed specifically for the client.

Industry First WordPress Orderwise Integration

Orderwise, back office, was not built to handle the range of functionality required by the complex Teleta project. Clydewire’s developers built a custom order integration that dramatically streamlines and expedites order fulfillment.
Teleta Pharmacy

“Over the last 18 months Clydewire has delivered 2 bespoke projects for me on time and with excellence. The Clydewire team has been integral to the redevelopment of our branding, stylisation and e-commerce strategy. Our latest site involved complex scenarios and solutions that had to be tailored in order to cover legalities of the online pharmacy market. In collaboration with Clydewire we managed to create perfect solutions that meet the needs of legislation and commerciality.
Overall I have found the Clydewire team to be attentive, passionate and collaborative. I would highly recommend them.”

John Heenan, Head of Commercial, Teleta Pharmacy

Prescription Authorisation & Digital Signoff

Authorisation of prescriptions is a critical step before online pharmaceutical orders can be fulfilled. The process was lengthy and required significant offline activity in order to comply with all relevant legislation. Clydewire created a completely transparent system that allows for digital sign off of prescriptions. The transactions are fully traceable, completely compliant and secure.

Fully Responsive Experience

A slick back end system is nothing if it can’t be accessed on a full range of devices. The Teleta website is responsive, scaling appropriately for any device and making the process of ordering extremely convenient and completely mobile.

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