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At Clydewire, we love creating efficiencies. That’s because by becoming more efficient, our clients can focus on the revenue generating areas of their business. By creating the technology to automate processes and procedures normally manually performed by a human, our customers can better employ and/or streamline their resources to facilitate both growth and business improvement.


Leveraging AWS products

Clydewire advocates the use of AWS - Amazon’s comprehensive suite of Web Services - due to the sheer breadth of opportunity offered by their unrivalled range of products. From complex analytics, data warehousing and app integrations to AR/VR, costs management software and blockchain creation and management services, our team can leverage this best of breed technology to help expedite the growth of our clients’ businesses.

Repetition = Automation

Somebody once said that ‘repetition is the enemy of progress’ and we agree. That’s why we develop the technology that automates processes and ensures your teams can focus on business critical disciplines instead of wasting valuable earning time completing repetitive manual tasks. We can help you identify procedures that can be automated, develop a plan to implement our solutions, fine tune to boost performance and scale the solution across your business to improve overall productivity.

Scrapers and Business Tools

Scraping content and data from websites allows our clients to use valuable information for other purposes. It might be in order to analyze data to better identify sales trends or to gather content for analysis, editing and deployment across other collateral. Business tools can account for significant efficiencies in a business, so automating time-sheets and invoicing or examining logistical procedures to implement best practice are simple enhancements with a big impact.

The Benefits

Cost Saving

Free your team to focus on revenue generating tasks.

Time Saving

Making repeatable tasks faster and more efficient.

More Robust

Minimizing human error and improving accuracy.


How Does It Work?


Comprehensive audit to identify strengths and weaknesses of current processes


Expert recommendations creation of viable plan


Installation, testing and launch of automation software

Case Study

Fosters Funeral

Fosters is Scotland’s fastest growing funeral directors with parlours throughout the central belt of Scotland. Since 2005 they have been offering bereaved families the utmost in professional service and support and are committed to providing quality personal care as they continue to expand.