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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is among the biggest and most important trends across a huge range of sectors. The primary advantages associated with migration are the minimisation of risk (due to the redundancies built into the cloud infrastructure) and the flexibility it offers businesses aiming to grow and scale their operations over time.

Clydewire Cloud Migration

Planning & Consultancy

Planning a cloud migration is a critical step in order to ensure success. The Clydewire process focuses on 3 distinct areas:

  • Creates baselines measuring the current performance and availability of your systems
  • Identifies all the dependencies and connections necessary to ensure system performance
  • Prioritises applications for migration

Before a business implements a migration strategy, it is vital to understand the procedure and how it can influence the organisation going forward. Our consultancy services are designed to educate our clients, providing them with the tools and knowledge required to make considered decisions on how and when to migrate systems to the cloud.

Hosting Architecture

Every business has a unique set of challenges and consequently, each requires a bespoke hosting architecture designed to maximise performance, reliability and security. Our team plan and outline individual customer solutions and continue to be available to advise and support throughout the implementation and operational phases of the project.
Clydewire Cloud Migration
Clydewire Cloud Migration


Moving data, applications and other business processes to the cloud is a major step for any business, but it comes with a range of benefits that can combine to positively impact your organisation. We take the integrity of your data and resources extremely seriously and can recommend and implement any amendments necessary to ensure performance levels post migration.


For on-premise hosting environments there are comprehensive benchmarks already in place, however, for the cloud, these benchmarks need to be established for each migration. We benchmark to determine the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and memory capacity required for the efficient and high performing operation of our client’s IT infrastructures.
Clydewire Cloud Migration


CLYDEWIRE OnCall™ is our dedicated 24 hour, 7 days a week service monitoring and supporting our hosting clients. This is a proactive early warning system, so when alerts arise our team tackle the issue before it becomes a problem, immediately minimising risk and/or flagging concerns that could affect your business. The entire Clydewire team works on the principle that prevention is better than cure.

The Benefits of Automation


We have significant cloud migration experience and expertise


Enhanced infrastructures to mitigate against outages


Elastic solutions that can scale on demand


How Does It Work?


Develop a deep understanding of systems and clients


Logical plan including timelines and management procedures


Closely controlled installation processes

Case Study

Fosters Funeral

Fosters is Scotland’s fastest growing funeral directors with parlours throughout the central belt of Scotland. Since 2005 they have been offering bereaved families the utmost in professional service and support and are committed to providing quality personal care as they continue to expand.