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Resourcing the internal research and analysis required to understand exactly what your business needs to facilitate growth can have a negative impact on productivity. Our experience can help. Our consultants dig deeply into your business in order to develop a very clear understanding of the organisation and the building blocks required to achieve the leadership team’s ambition.

Clydewire Cloud Migration

Migrating to the Cloud

Moving data, applications and other business processes to the cloud is a major step for any business. Clydewire can help you plan a migration, advising on the information and applications that are migration ready and the work required in order to ensure all applicable systems can be properly enabled on the cloud.

Hosting Architecture

Every business has a unique set of challenges and consequently, each requires a bespoke hosting architecture designed to maximise performance, reliability and security. Our team plan and outline individual customer solutions and continue to be available to advise and support throughout the implementation and operational phases of the project.
Clydewire Cloud Migration

High Availability & Autoscaling

Most businesses experience peaks and troughs. These might be seasonal or simply as a result of increases and decreases in marketing activity. High availability architectures are designed to ensure the operational performance of our clients’ systems even at times of high demand. Autoscaling is the most efficient way of maintaining system performance, automatically adjusting capacity , maintaining performance and, most importantly, controlling cost.

Performance & Security

Speed is critical and it can be the difference between success and failure. An underperforming ecommerce website can put customers off and once they’re lost they may never return. Likewise, for businesses requiring efficient access to extensive data banks, the speed of information retrieval will be a fundamental component of its effectiveness. Clearly security is an equally important concern and while our team of hosting experts understands how to optimize systems for speed, they have developed deep insights into the systems’ security frailties and the most robust protections and solutions that exist.

Web Hosting for Agencies

Clydewire has created proven hosting architectures for agencies, allowing organisations wishing to focus on their particular areas of expertise. For many, the option of up-selling their clients’ specialist hosting requirements to a team of experts operating a range of proprietary and third party technologies designed to ensure top performance is an attractive business efficiency and USP for agencies.

The Benefits

Cost saving

Creation of coherent and viable plans for successful project execution

Experienced advice

Specialist hosting & infrastructure expertise

Extension to your team

A winning combination of fresh perspective and focus on your organisation


How Does It Work?


Development of deep understanding of your business


Creation of action points and roadmap for success


Ongoing professional support and advice

Case Study

Fosters Funeral

Fosters is Scotland’s fastest growing funeral directors with parlours throughout the central belt of Scotland. Since 2005 they have been offering bereaved families the utmost in professional service and support and are committed to providing quality personal care as they continue to expand.