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User Experience

Making things easy and delighting your audiences and user groups with a simple, intuitive user experience are the first steps to creating positive emotional reactions. User Experience is defined as ‘a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use, or anticipated use of a product, system or service. By carefully researching user groups Clydewire builds UX that delights users and encourages habitual usage of our solutions.

Product Design Sprint

These intensive sprints are designed to facilitate a collaborative approach to defining the parameters of the client’s vision, the creation of a basic prototype and validation of the functionality.
Value: Prove the concept & get a Minimum Viable Product to market quickly.

Experience Analysis

Take advantage of our experts’ knowledge and experience to review your digital products and services. By conducting a detailed audit and benchmarking the user experience against digital and specific industry best practice, our team can make actionable recommendations that optimize the UX.
Value: Validate quality of UX & how to reach KPIs.

Discovery & Insight

Clydewire uses a number of research methodologies to develop a clear understanding of each client marketplace. This is a critical step in the UX design process as it highlights where efficiencies can be made and how best to leverage them. This process also ensures features and functionality are optimized for the buying market and will help shape the structure of future development.
Value: Build the product your buying market really wants and develop it in a way that continues to benefit them.

Process Analysis

UX process analysis is a set of tactics and guidelines that improves the user flow and ease of use of a digital product. A successful UX analysis will result in an actionable list of tweaks and enhancements that, once implemented, will show measurable improvements for the user.
Value: Optimizes products for engagement and conversions.

The advantages of the Clydewire UX approach

Our embedded UX teams are:

Highly flexible

Engage resources only when required based on your development schedule


Leverage Clydewire expertise for support, guidance and as an objective sounding board as solutions develop


Allowing you to build a superior UX function with a transparent costing structure


How Does It Work?

1 Discovery

Develop a clear understanding of user base

2 Ideation

Forming concepts to bring the product to life

3 Design

Creation of practical designs that elegantly visualize functionality

4 Validation

Testing with functional prototype

Case Study


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