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Web Application Design

Our web apps make things easier for our clients. Laborious and time consuming processes are often to blame when business growth stagnates. Automating these procedures can positively impact productivity, boost morale and allow businesses to focus resources on the primary revenue generating activities of the business, accelerating growth and improving conversions.

User Experience UX

Understanding why, when and how a user accesses information is the key to creating intuitive pathways, relevant and meaningful content and, consequently, the efficiencies that help our clients’ businesses to grow. UX needs to benefit the business as well as the user so we take time to ensure our solutions are built to meet the needs of growing brands.


Wireframing allows our development team to highlight what interface elements will be on each page of the application. This is a critical part of the app design process and we work with our clients to plan what these elements should be based on specific business goals.


Prototyping has several key benefits. By creating a simplified or preliminary version of the application, the Clydewire developers can tease out valuable feedback on clarity, consistency and ease of use through planned testing procedures. This allows the team to modify the code to create optimized features and functionality that perfectly fit users’ requirements.

Process Design

The process of achieving the desired result from using an app is critical to ensuring usage becomes habitual. The Clydewire team looks at all potential use cases and carefully develops the optimal process flow to ensure users enjoy the experience of using the app and its features.

Application Design

Clydewire optimizes every user interface to ensure complete user satisfaction. When processes flow easily from one step to the next and navigation is simplified, our team can maximise the efficiency of all features and functionality and are memorable.

The benefits of web application design

Discover problems quickly

Identify issues that could affect user interactions, business process or revenue model business

Try before you buy

Wireframing allows clients to visualize ideas and consider depth of functionality and features

Modelling for Investment

Creation of a working prototype can help encourage early investment and prove a concept

Case Study


Coneworx is the trusted Traffic Management partner for clients as diverse as event organisers and utility companies. Their safety first policy, highly trained team of professionals and a firm commitment to investing in technology streamlines processes and improves transparency.